2nd October 2020

What are the benefits of roof lanterns?

When it comes to adding something to your home that adds value, an extension is one of the top choices. However, did you know you don’t […]
7th September 2020

How to Fix Condensation on Windows

As we head into Autumn, you may be noticing condensation on your windows. The drop in temperatures overnight and wetter weather will make condensation a common […]
10th August 2020

Understanding energy efficiency ratings and how to improve them

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is something that everyone can do to make an impact on climate change and our carbon footprints. Understanding energy […]
6th July 2020

Latest home decor trends- summer edition

Keeping up with the latest trends home decor trends can be costly, but it can give you some great ideas for your next renovation. We’ve compiled […]
5th June 2020

When to replace your windows and doors

There will come a time when, as a homeowner, you will need to look into window and door replacement. Whether this is after a new purchase […]
18th May 2020

How to clean doors and windows at home

Whether it’s a spot of spring cleaning or a part of a general tidy up, knowing how to clean doors and windows at your home greatly […]
24th March 2020

How to choose the right integral blinds for your bifold doors

When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming home atmosphere, many people overlook one key element – lighting. This goes beyond choosing the right fixtures […]
24th February 2020

How to plan and design your kitchen extension

When moving is not an option, an extension provides an affordable alternative for those looking to improve their living spaces. One of the most sought-after extensions […]
5th February 2020

Beyond the aesthetic: why bi-fold doors are key for security

The likes of popular television programmes like Grand Designs have given bi-fold doors the spotlight. Though they date back to Roman times, today’s home installations are […]
10th December 2019

How to decorate your bi-fold doors for Christmas

If you want to make a feature of your bi-fold doors this Christmas, we have a stocking full of ideas and inspiration. Dreaming of a white […]