Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

Smarts Visoglide Plus is our latest sliding door.

Now with the option of triple sliding by contacting us directly.

The Visoglide Plus is an aluminium sliding patio door that gives the maximum glass size so your view is not compromised. Adding a cleaner more streamlined image to the traditional sliding door, the Visoglide Plus still keeps its traditional qualities whilst improving on the functionality of an already fantastic product. Working well in both a residential and commercial setting, it is a fabulous addition making your property more unique.

Security is key

With the upgraded locking system now incorporating the latest multi-point locking, our Visoglide Plus patio doors are some of the most secure patio doors on the market. They are PAS 24 compliant and can be upgraded to Secured By Design for added security and peace of mind. This would mean even the most determined burglar would struggle to gain entry.

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The Visoglide Plus has upgraded its’ runner system

This aluminium sliding patio door now opens and closes more freely compared to other sliding doors, and operates with ease. Even on the largest of doors you will be surprised a quite how smooth they are. This is the biggest upgrade that has been made to these aluminium sliding patio doors. In the past, patio doors could become stiff and at times unable to be opened. With the Visoglide Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about having difficulty opening and closing them.

Energy efficiency

Another huge improvement is the thermal efficiency of the sliding patio doors. In the past, aluminium has been a poor insulator and as a result causes condensation and damp. The new Aluminium sliding patio doors now have a Polyamide thermal break which reduces the transition of cold between the out and inside of the aluminium. This allows the inside of the patio doors to be warm to touch whilst the outside are still cold. Having this warmth reduces the ability for water to condense inside helping to keep your home warm and dry. Another added bonus to upgrading the insulation properties are that you’ll save money on your heating bills.

A long lasting patio door

Longevity is possibly the primary reason people choose aluminium sliding doors. We have seen customers replacing existing aluminium sliding patio doors that are over 40 years old. Although the new doors are guaranteed for 10 years, we still expect them to perform far beyond that.

Triple sliding doors

With the new ‘Triple Sliding’ option now available, customers are now able to open up even more of their home with sliding patio doors in a very similar way to bi-folding doors. It is possible to have 2 sets of ‘triple sliding’ patio doors which meet together giving you effectively a 6 pane sliding door. These can reach incredible widths in excess of 12 meters.

Colour options and styling

Just like the bi-fold doors, aluminium sliding doors can be powder coated in over 150 different colours with a number of wood grain effects such as natural oak, light oak and rosewood. These can be colour matched with a different colour inside. Many of our customers choose to keep the interior a neutral colour for future redecoration purposes.

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