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Here at Midland Bi-folds, we aim to provide the very best aluminium windows and doors in Leicester. That’s why we supply Smart’s doors and windows and Endurance doors.

Our Smart’s range offers you all the choice, style and performance you need- for your property and your peace of mind. Endurance doors use the latest in composite door technology for solid and secure front door options for your home.


Smart’s Aluminium Windows & Doors

The Alitherm 600 (standard width), Alitherm 300 (slim), and Alitherm Heritage (super slim) utilise Smart’s thermal regulation technology to keep your house and workspace warmer, for longer. Their polyamide break is a layer of insulating polyamide that sits between the inner and outer frames, creating a barrier between the warm air you want to keep in and the cold air outside. This improved thermal performance can help you cut down on your heating bills! The products are customisable, so you have the choice of a range of colours and finishes to suit whatever style you are looking for.

Aluminium window

Strong and secure

Not only will it stop warm air getting out, but the Smart’s Alitherm range are some of the strongest and most secure windows on the market. They will keep your home safe and look good for many years to come.

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With all three designs on display in our showroom, there is no better time to come take a look at your new windows! Download a brochure to learn a bit more about what Smart’s Alitherm range has to offer, or contact us today to book a meeting.

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Smart’s Designer Doors


Have you always wanted a bespoke front door to make your house stand out on the street? With Smart’s Designer Doors, you are in control of how it looks, while Smart’s takes care of your protection so you can be safe and stylish at the same time.

The doors are all customisable, with a range of colours, styles and designs to choose from. You can even decide the type of glazing you would like for the inserted windows (if you have any) and the door furnishings, such as the handles and the lock itself.

In line with all of Smart’s products, their Designer Doors have unmatched strength and security. The locking mechanisms and build of the doors ensures that you and your belongings are kept safe.

Key Features

  • 10-point locking mechanism 
  • Polyamide thermal barrier to increase thermal retention
  • Tamper-protected locks
  • Hidden hinge protectors to protect against external impacts
  • Adjustable hinges and locks to suit your style

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Endurance Composite Doors

Endurance composite doors are solid and secure and use the latest composite door design technology. A solid timber core makes these doors a top choice as a secure front door. With an incredible selection of designs and cutting-edge security features, an Endurance door is ideal for your home.

The doors are completely customisable, with a range of colours, styles, and designs to choose from. Classic, Country, and Urban doors collections mean you will find the best composite door for your home.

As you would expect from a top-quality composite front door, these modern doors have incredible strength and security. You can choose the hardware and the locking mechanisms. The solid construction of the doors ensures that you have peace of mind for your home security.

Key features

Cross bonded veneer solid timber core
State of the art locking systems
A-rated thermal performance
Range of hardware choices
Sustainably sourced materials and environmentally friendly

We have the best composite doors to match whatever you are looking for. Get in touch today to update your front door and make your house more stylish!

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Not able to come into the showroom?

Even if you are not able to come into the showroom for any reason, you don’t have to miss out on finding your future bespoke doors and windows.Midland Bi-folds are now proudly able to offer remote meetings in which our colleagues can talk you through our range of products.

If you would like to use this service, please contact us today.

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