How to choose the right integral blinds for your bifold doors

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24th February 2020
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18th May 2020

How to choose the right integral blinds for your bifold doors


When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming home atmosphere, many people overlook one key element – lighting. This goes beyond choosing the right fixtures for entertaining or performing functional tasks. It’s also about natural light. One way we can make the most of natural light is to look at integral blind options.

Why do I need integral blinds?

Integral blinds give you the control over how much or little light you want in a house. Bifold doors instantly let in huge volumes of light at once – ideal for summer days or just boosting your productivity. However, you may also want to wind down later on in the day, or you might be conscious of things like keeping your upholstery from fading.

The integral blind allows you to control just how much light you want in a room based on the circumstances. They’re entirely compatible with large bifold doors fixtures, so there are no awkward sizing issues. Our range comprises three different types, and they have been specially designed for use alongside our double-glazed units. 

Choosing the right integral blind for your needs

The blinds work with slat raising, lowering and tilting functions. This gives you full customisability for whatever mood you’re trying to create. Everything is controlled by magnets on either side of the glass – no more cases of individual slats misbehaving. They work in unison through a hermetic seal.

The S-V System

This Venetian blind is designed for 20mm cavity double glazing units. Ask us if you’re not sure about the specifications of your bifold doors. You can operate these manually using a slide placed on the right or left-hand side of the glass. There are no dangerous blind cords, and they can also help you save on energy costs thanks to their warm edge spacer bar.

These are ideal for families looking to avoid hazards from cords and keep energy bills down.

The C system

The ScreenLine® C System Venetian blind is controlled by a continuous cord loop, which drives the external magnet. There’s no danger of pulling too hard on the cord – it is held tightly by a tensioner, rotational knob or wand on the glass. 

These are ideal for adult-only homes or those who like to have full design autonomy over their homes – they come in a wide range of colours!

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