Integral Blind Tech Specs

S-V System

C System

S System

Operation Type

Manuel (magnet)

Manuel (Cord)

Manuel (magnet)

Operated BySliderContinues Pull ChordMagnet (Removable)
Blind TypeVenetianVenetianPleated blind
Sunlight or privacy adjustmentAdjustableAdjustableNo
Glass unit width20mm20mm20mm
Glass performanceUnaffectedUnaffectedImproved (aluminium backing only)
Where are the blinds stackedTopTopTop
Other mechanism on showColour coordinated strip from top to bottom on either the left or right-hand side, within the glass unitPull cord and magnet covering half of the height of the glass unit, on the outside of the unit.Removable magnet at the top of the unit.
Colour Options9912
Guarantee5 Years5 Years5 Years