Ultraroof finished installation

Why Choose an Ultraroof Conservatory Roof?

If you’re looking for an alternative to a conventional double-glazed conservatory roof, the Ultraroof is an excellent choice. Our Ultraroof is a high-quality conservatory roof made with durable replica tiles. With a stylish and authentic appearance, the Ultraroof it’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance the look of their home. You can enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality, energy-efficient conservatory roof.

  1. Thermally Efficient – Ultraroof tiled conservatory roofs are designed with thermal efficiency in mind, just like solid roofs. Excellent heat retention from the insulation in the perimeter pelmets keeps your conservatory warm. Additionally, the trickle vents in the roofline provide superb ventilation making the Ultraroof a perfect all-year-round conservatory roof solution.
  2. Minimal Maintenance – Maintaining the Ultraroof is hassle-free, as all you need to do is remove any debris from the roof. This low-maintenance feature makes it a popular choice for conservatory roofs in the Midlands.
  3. Exceptional Look – Tiled conservatory roofs have an aesthetically pleasing look that perfectly fits any home style. The sleek design can complement the clean lines of a modern new build while adding a touch of sophistication to a more classic property.
  4. Highly Durable – Replica tiled conservatory roofs are often underestimated in their durability. They are built with security in mind and feature an advanced interlocking copolymer tile system that makes them extremely difficult to move once installed.
  5. Bright & Cosy – Personalise your tiled conservatory roof with large rectangular glass panels. It allows plenty of natural light to flood into your conservatory. It preserves the bright and airy feel of a double-glazed conservatory roof while still providing the classic look of a tiled roof.
  6. Affordable Solution – Tiled roofs are cost-effective when considering a replacement conservatory roof. You can enjoy the benefits of Ultraframe’s high-quality systems without the typically high costs associated with renovation.

Design Your Ultraroof Conservatory Roof

Our online roof designer provides an interactive 3D model of your new Ultraroof conservatory roof. You can select the tile colour and cornice type, allowing you to explore and customise your options to your heart’s content. You can view it from both the inside and outside, giving you a complete understanding of how the finished product will look. Begin your conservatory roof renovation journey with our online designer today.

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Digital Conservatory Roof Tile Samples

Are you looking to preview conservatory roof tiles before making a decision? Our interactive tool lets you choose from various conservatory tiles to see a digital representation. Skip the wait for physical tile samples and use our innovative tool to view a 360° rotational example. Take advantage of this feature today to explore all the features and benefits of your new conservatory roof!

Benefits of Ultraroof Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Quick Installation

Ultraframe’s tiled conservatory roofs do not require any cutting on-site, ensuring a fast and easy installation process, typically taking only eight hours, without a tie beam.

Excellent Privacy

Our tiled conservatory roofs offer improved privacy for homeowners with neighbouring properties that overlook their homes. With an Ultraframe conservatory roof, you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of your space without sacrificing your privacy.


Our tiled conservatory roofs are lightweight, weighing just 38kg per square metre. Installation is easier because they are lighter than other solid roofs in the market. Also, less load on the structure gives you more options for your new conservatory roof.

Attractive Roofline

Our Ultraframe roofs feature a highly sought-after improved roofline in Midlands conservatory installations. It offers a modern and stylish look that differentiates it from traditional conservatories.

Ideal as a Replacement Conservatory Roof

These roofs are a great retrofit option if you want to replace your conservatory roof. They offer visually distinct aesthetics and practical advantages, making them an excellent choice.


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