Integral Blinds fitted inside the double glazed units

Integral blinds are an innovative design concept that integrates the blinds themselves into the double glazing.

The blinds do not affect the thermal U-Value of glass and the cavity between the two panes is still filled with Argon gas in the same way as all of our A-rated double glazing.

Note: Integral blinds, currently, cannot be fitted into triple glazing.

One of the advantages to integral blinds is that they require no maintenance. As they are enclosed between two panes of glass and then sealed, no dust can settle on them meaning they will look as good in 5 years’ time as they did on the day they were installed. Also because they are contained within the glass, little fingers or pets are unable to become tangled in them making them much safer than conventional blinds. Another advantage is that they can be installed into places where conventional blinds may be an inconvenience, for example with a bi-fold door. Integral blinds are installed into the doors themselves and will open and close with the doors and will never get in your way or become tangled.

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Our Integral blinds are a fantastic addition to the home and offer extra privacy, or the ability to allow light in whilst making your home feel more cosy. Many of our customers decide to still use curtains alongside the integral blinds for that added cosy feeling whilst some use integral blinds alone for a more modern and contemporary finish. Whichever you prefer, we have different styles to suit. All of our integral blinds can be customised to your own colour preference

We currently offer 3 options in the manually operated range which are called the ‘S System’, the ‘S-V-System’ and the ‘C System’. More information about the different styles of blinds can be found with the Integral blinds options page where you can find videos demonstrating each system and how it is used. We have recently started to supply electric integral blinds. These aren’t currently included on our website, however this is due to be updated soon. If you would like any further information regarding our electric blinds, please contact us or visit our show room.

Our integral blinds are manufactured to the highest specifications, pass our stringent high standards and are installed in accordance with double glazing regulations and come with a 5 year guarantee.