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Livinroof Solid Conservatory Roof

Midlands Bifolds selects the best conservatory roof solutions for our clients. We proudly offer the Livinroof range from Ultraframe for conservatory roof installations. The Livinroof solid conservatory roof offers exceptional innovation and design. It’s an excellent choice for either a new extension or as a replacement for a conservatory roof. Opting for a Livinroof solid conservatory roof guarantees you:

  1. Excellent Thermal Effiency – Our premium quality panels offer exceptional insulation, surpassing the performance of polycarbonate alternatives. Your extension will remain cosy and warm throughout the winter and well-ventilated during the warmer months.
  2. Privacy – When neighbouring properties overlook your home, a conventional glass conservatory roof might not be the best option, as it can compromise your privacy. In such cases, choosing our solid conservatory roofs can be an ideal solution. Our roofs provide a significant level of privacy, ensuring that you do not feel constantly watched.
  3. Bright & Warm – Many people worry about losing natural light when selecting a solid conservatory roof. However, with our Ultraframe roofs, there is no need to worry. Your new conservatory roof can be custom-made with glass panels. It allows natural light to flood into your home.
  4. Low Maintenance – Once the roof is installed, you only need to keep it free of excess debris. Unlike other conservatory roofs, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning, saving you valuable time and effort. With our LivinRoof, you can spend more time enjoying your conservatory and less time on maintenance.
  5. Beautiful Finish – Our Livinroof solid conservatory roofs are designed with a plastered internal ceiling. It ensures they look fantastic from any angle. Moreover, if you have a flat area, you can choose to include a central lighting panel. With our solid conservatory roofs, you can be confident that your extension will provide functional benefits and look great inside and out.
  6. Superb Security – Security is one of the most critical factors of a new conservatory roof. Solid conservatory roofs are an excellent choice as they are constructed with highly sturdy materials. It makes it challenging for intruders to break in or cause damage. With our solid conservatory roofs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and its contents are well-protected.

Livinroof Conservatory Roof Online Designer

Our interactive roof designer lets you visualise your new conservatory roof in 3D. You can explore every aspect of your Livinroof, from the cornice type to a 360° view. See how it will appear from both the outside and inside, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your selection. Start your journey today by using our online conservatory roof designer.

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Energy-Efficient Conservatory Roof Design from Livinroof

Our solid conservatory roofs are designed to deliver excellent thermal performance. The roof panels will retain heat in your home, ensuring you stay warm and cosy during the colder months. The Livinroof conservatory roof panels have thermally broken rafters, an insulated perimeter pelmet installed as standard, and a U-value as low as 0.18.

Compared to polycarbonate roofs, these solid roof panels offer up to 15 times better thermal insulation. You can enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient living space all year round.

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Benefits of Livinroof Solid Conservatory Roofs

Attractive Roofline

Our solid conservatory roofs are equipped with high-quality guttering systems that give superior protection against the elements. The guttering design ensures efficient drainage, reducing the risk of water damage to your conservatory. Also, the guttering system provides the roofline with a more attractive and polished look. With our solid conservatory roofs, you can be confident that your home is well-protected and looks great.

Lightweight Design

Livinroof solid conservatory roofs are the lightest available, weighing as little as 36kg per square metre. The lightweight design allows for a straightforward installation process. It also minimises the impact on the structure of your home. In addition, the lightweight design makes it a great replacement conservatory roof option. With our Livinroof solid conservatory roofs, you can have a high-quality, durable roof that won’t put undue stress on your home’s structure.

Neutral Colour

Our solid conservatory roofs come in a contemporary shade of grey that adds a modern finish to any home. It’s a sleek and stylish colour that blends seamlessly with traditional and modern home designs. With a Livinroof solid conservatory roof, you can add an elegant and stylish touch to your house while enjoying all the benefits of a high-quality, durable roof.

Superb Replacement Conservatory Roof

If you want to update your existing conservatory roof, a Livinroof is an excellent option. Its beautiful finish and many practical benefits make it a superb choice for anyone seeking a conservatory roof replacement. With a Livinroof solid conservatory roof, you can transform your conservatory into a comfortable, stylish, and functional living space.


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