Latest home decor trends- summer edition

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5th June 2020
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10th August 2020

Latest home decor trends- summer edition

Keeping up with the latest trends home decor trends can be costly, but it can give you some great ideas for your next renovation. We’ve compiled a list of some easy fixes, as well as some longer-term changes for when you really love a style.

Pantone colour of the year- classic blue

Adding a splash of colour to any room instantly changes the feel and mood for anyone that enters it. It can mean the difference between a room feeling more or less airy, spacious and welcoming. So it may have been a relief to some when the Pantone colour of the year was announced to be a nice, calming ‘Classic Blue’. This colour can easily be implemented into your home with a feature wall or even some blue statement items. For example, blue blankets or pillows in the living room or bedroom, or even blue curtains (as an added bonus, darker curtains will keep your house cooler in summer, and keep the light out to help you sleep).

Building up textures

Speaking of blankets and pillows, these are some great ways to add texture to your home. The trend of building up textures doesn’t have to be complicated and over the top. Simple changes to have different patterns or feels throughout the room are all that’s needed to keep up with this latest home decor trend. This could also include having small metallic items in a room with soft furnishings (i.e. bedroom or living room), or a fluffy throw on a leather sofa. Mix it up with whatever makes you feel comfortable and most at home.


Vintage decor

Going all out with vintage decor can be a bit much, especially in the typical modern home. That’s why this trend is coming back with utilising small accents of the style to add a cosy feel. Such elements can include vintage-looking tables and chairs, wooden features and even sofas! Vintage styles can even move into your doors and windows for a more all-around feel.

Opening up spaces

Sliding Doors
Particularly as we move further into the summer months, creating more open spaces is going to be increasingly popular. One way in which this is done, is by reducing the amount of frame that can be seen around windows and doors. This means thinner frames and more glass in order to increase the amount of light that comes in, creating a feeling of a more open and airy space.

Another solution is to install patio doors that lead out to your garden. This will create a large area where natural light will be let in, and allow you to enjoy your beautiful gardens. Coupled with the trend of a higher glass to frame ratio, patio doors could make your summer just a bit brighter.

Outdoor lighting

Front of house with fairy lights
This is something that isn’t particularly new, but is adapting into more of a fashionable trend. Before, outdoor lighting was more of a convenience and safety feature for lighting up pathways in the dark and for security. Now, more and more people are placing their outdoor lighting strategically to make the most of their green spaces. This could mean more decorative ways to guide people up a garden path (such as well-placed solar lights) or string/fairy lights over seating areas.


One feature you may not have thought would make an ever-changing trends list, is the idea of sustainability. As people become more and more conscious of their decisions and actions on the planet, sustainability has come to the forefront of people’s minds.

One way that you can bring in this movement to your home is by choosing durable features that you won’t need to replace every few years. Instead, think about items you can buy now that can last a decade or more. For example, a sturdy wooden table can be dressed up or down depending on the trends at the time. If you want your space to be brighter and airier, then adding in a sliding or bi-fold patio door can be a long term, and sustainable, change opposed to changing the lighting between trends. Take the time to consider if the changes you are making in your home, and if they are sustainable changes or just a fad.

If you’re considering changing up your decor with new doors or windows, why not have a friendly chat with a member of our team. We can help guide you through some sustainable options, vintage styles or even choosing the right colour!

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