Beyond the aesthetic: why bi-fold doors are key for security

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Beyond the aesthetic: why bi-fold doors are key for security

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The likes of popular television programmes like Grand Designs have given bi-fold doors the spotlight. Though they date back to Roman times, today’s home installations are made from aluminium for premium strength and security. No matter what size your home, they’re the perfect link between your living area and garden – for more reasons than you might think.

What is a bi-fold door?

A bi-fold door is the connection between your internal living area and your garden. It features large glass panels and can offer three external ‘walls’ to create a conservatory effect. Aluminium frames allow for larger glass panels, letting extra natural light into the room and improving the aesthetic.

Benefits of a bi-fold door

First and foremost, this installation can instantly brighten your home, making rooms feel larger and summery all year long. But there’s an added benefit you may not have considered: security. While the idea of large glass panels may spark intruder concerns, they’re actually far safer than regular doors.

Bi-folding doors’ security features

From protecting against intruders to keeping children safe, bi-fold doors offer myriad security benefits. Trapped fingers are no longer a danger for the little ones. Each door comes with a built-in ‘finger safe’ gasket to put your mind at ease.

Of course, hazards aren’t limited to the little ones. Doors can be fitted with low aluminium thresholds to prevent trips and falls – ideal for older residents.

Robust, high quality aluminium

Unlike wood or PVC, aluminium is incredibly strong. It can handle 80,000 psi of pressure, making it the ideal deterrent for intruders. As a lightweight alternative to steel, it’s no wonder it’s the metal of choice for innovative architectural structures.

Each of our doors also features toughened safety glass. This makes it up to five times stronger than regular glass, and it can also handle other extremes like temperature. It’s toughened during the tempering process, giving it a robust superiority. In the unlikely event that the glass does smash, this also means it would shatter into small pieces for safety.

The Midlands Bi-Fold door security promise

Coupled with these innovative materials, every one of our doors features multi-point locking systems. This means the key locks several different bolts at once for added security. It can even help you to reduce your house insurance premiums!

For added protection, we also offer the optional PAS 24 security standard certification.

What is the PAS 24 security standard?

This industry standard assesses the strength of a door through measured mechanical tests. It is designed to test how a door withstands attacks from intruders, and provides additional assurance to homeowners. Ask us about this optional extra when we quote your package. It gives you peace of mind and may, again, reduce home insurance costs.

Ask us for your bespoke quote today

Whatever size your home, and whoever your residents, we’ll find a secure bi-fold door that works for you. Contact the Midlands Bi-Folds team today to get started.

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