Heritage Internal Doors

At Midlands Bi-Folds, we provide top-quality glass, aluminium screens, and doors to enhance your home’s aesthetic. Our tailor-made internal doors allow for the perfect division of spaces whilst encouraging abundant natural light to flow through.

Alutür Doors

We offer a range of aluminium internal doors and screens for you to choose from:

Internal aluminium doorsSingle Internal Aluminium Doors


Transform your living space with the refined artistry of our internal aluminium doors, offering a superior alternative to traditional doors. Our amalgamation of glass and aluminium doors combines practicality with a clean, minimalist style, ideal for new extensions or introducing a chic industrial ambience to your lounge.


Our Crittall-inspired doors create an air of spaciousness and interconnectedness for business locations, promoting a more integrated atmosphere. The narrow frames and glazed panels let in an overflow of natural light, morphing workplaces into brightly-lit zones that boost efficiency and create a more enjoyable environment. Depend on our doors to uplift your space’s aesthetic and practical aspects.


Interior French Doors

French doors aluminiumExplore our extraordinary collection of interior French doors – the ideal enhancement to uplift your space. Ingeniously designed, our aluminium French doors capture the essence of the latest glazing trend, delivering a fresh, modern appeal to your home. Each French door is painstakingly crafted and expertly installed for a smooth, precise fit. Opt for our aluminium doors for the elegant aesthetic of steel partition systems without the hefty price tag.


Customisation lies at the heart of our interior French doors, allowing you to tailor the design and layout to match your preferences. Featuring graceful lines and impressive sound insulation properties, these doors double as sturdy and aesthetically pleasing room dividers. Our adaptable doors present a perfect design solution for commercial installations or residential projects.


Interior Aluminium Screens

Internal screensAmplify the brightness of your area with our aluminium interior screens. Boasting meticulously crafted finishes and sleek aluminium frames, these screens radiate a bold elegance that seamlessly augments any room. The adaptable design of our glazed interior screens offers a range of options, from a single slender panel to an expansive glazing area for a more open, airy ambience.


Glazed aluminium interior screens are the perfect fit for contemporary kitchens, adding a dash of modern sophistication or giving dining areas an illusion of added space. These doors are also widely favoured in offices and commercial premises, where industrial-style screens integrate smoothly into various environments. The options for configuration are limitless, offering truly customised solutions.


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