Bi-fold Doors Tech Specs

Smarts 1000

Smarts 6000



Designed in Belgium Belgium England Germany
Manufactured in the UK Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sight Lines 132mm 94mm 154mm 120mm
Frame Depth 70mm 82mm 75mm 70mm
Max Pane Width 1200mm 1000mm 1200mm 1200mm
Max Pane Height 2500mm 2200mm 2700mm 3000mm
Max Sash Weight 100kg 100kg 100kg 100kg
Locking System 6 point 6 point 8 point 6 point
Door Hold Inc Yes (magnet) Yes (magnet) Yes (magnet) Yes (catch)
No. Threshold Options 2 1 2 1
Adjustable Jambs No No Yes Yes
Equal Size Sash All The Way Round Yes Yes No No
Same Style Profile Inside and Out Yes Yes Yes No
Average Lead Time 3 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks 4 weeks
Pre-Assembled Yes Yes No No
Fitting Skill Required Intermediate Intermediate Expert Expert
Guarantee 10 Years
(Exclusions Apply)
10 Years
(Exclusions Apply)
20 Years
(All Moving Parts)
10 Years
(Exclusions Apply)