Contemporary Roof Lantern

With its clean lines and classic style, our contemporary roof lantern is a fantastic addition to any home.

Perfect for your flat roof extension.

The roof lantern is designed to be installed on a flat roof, so it’s perfect for introducing more natural light to your flat roof extension.

When combined with our bi-fold doors, it creates a room that feels as though it has no boundaries.

Affordable luxury.

Not so long ago, roof lanterns were something you only saw in grander residences, like the orangeries of stately homes. But, as technology has improved, they have become a more affordable luxury.

Installing a roof lantern will make a huge difference to your room and make you the envy of your neighbours.

Minimal and versatile.

Our roof lanterns feature a simple, classic design that will complement any property — contemporary or traditional.

Their slender frames are designed to let in more natural daylight and maximise your view of the sky.

Self-cleaning glass with solar control.

All our roof lights are supplied with Pilkington Activ-blue: a self-cleaning glass with solar control.

The self-cleaning coating reduces the need for manual cleaning. It works with the sun’s UV rays to break down the dirt, so the rain can wash it away. During dry spells, a spray of plain water will have the same effect.

Solar control prevents a build-up of heat from direct sun, so your room won’t feel like a greenhouse in hot weather.

Style and substance.

Our roof lanterns not only look great, they perform well too.

An innovative design makes them strong, long-lasting and weatherproof. They are also incredibly well-insulated and can be manufactured with a U-Value as low as 1.1.

Customising your roof lantern.

When you order your contemporary roof lantern, you can specify a bespoke size to suit your property.

There are three colour options: White, Black or Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

If you have any questions about customisation, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Delivery or collection.

Once it has been made, your contemporary roof lantern will be packaged and ready for you, or your installer, to assemble.

We can then deliver it safely to your property — or you can give us 48 hours’ notice and collect it from us yourself (Mon–Sat)

The Contemporary Roof Lanterns are designed to look sleek and slender maximising the view out, and the amount of light in. They can be styled to be modern and contemporary or to blend into a more traditional property. The glass that we supply as standard with all our roof lanterns is The Pilkington Activ-blue self-cleaning with solar control. This reduces the amount of cleaning needed and the amount of heat entering the room. Although we recommend getting somebody up to check it over once a year and clean away any debris that may have collected around the bottom of the roof lantern, they are effectively maintenance free!

To ensure that our Contemporary Roof Lanterns exceed our expectations, they have been designed them to be both very strong and long lasting as well as weather proof and well insulated. The Contemporary Roof Lantern can be designed to have a U-Value as low as 1.1!

We package the Contemporary Roof Lantern ready for you or your installer to assemble.

Generally speaking, there isn’t too much to customise with a roof lantern. Our Contemporary Roof Lantern is bespoke to fit to the exact size you require.

You are able to change the colour of both the interior and exterior to, White, Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) or Black. The only other real choice is whether you would like the interior cladding to be manufactured from PVC or Aluminum. If you do have any further questions, contact us and a member of our team will be very happy to help.

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