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What makes a Schuco bi-fold door special?

Their bi-fold doors are one of the industry favourites. Its German design and engineering coupled with its English build quality make it a fantastic product that has been proven to last. With an appreciation to their attention to detail and in particular, have taken great care to use exquisite hardware that compliments the doors perfectly. They have long been a favourite, especially within the hotel and restaurant industry.

Who buys Schuco bi-fold doors?

Schuco Bi-fold doors tend be bought to be installed in places that have large amounts of traffic and are opened and closed often. This is why it is quite often found in commercial settings such as restaurants, bars, café and hotels. It has a deep bottom rail, specifically for this reason, to ensure that as people pass through it, there is less chance of a stray foot kicking the glass, helping avoid any breakages.

Can I have a Schuco Bi-fold in my home?

We have installed a large number of Schuco Bi-folds into an array of properties from country homes to contemporary dwellings. They are very versatile, and with a vast amount of colour choices, you can make them suit any setting. In a residential setting, you can be confident they will last for many years to come. Adding a Schuco bi-fold to your home can add value and is a great investment.

What makes a Schuco Bi-fold unique?

Their bi-fold doors have the slimmest of all the bi-fold door sight lines. The sight line is the width of the frame between the 2 panes of glass. This means that with a Schuco Bi-fold, you will be maximising your view. Another great feature is the Schuco Bi-fold is the only bi-fold door that can be as tall as 3 meters without modification. As an example of Schuco’s fantastic engineering, the rollers they use are able to carry in excess of 100kg without compromising on their ability to roll smoothly.

How Secure is a Schuco Bi-fold door?

All our bi-fold doors are designed with security in mind and Schuco doesn’t disappoint in this area. It has a 6 point locking system that has been tested to the highest standard. With their very own anti-bump locking barrels and anti-burgular hinges, you don’t have to worry about anybody gaining unwanted entry.

Is a Schuco Bi-fold easy to install?

Quite a large amount of experience is needed to install a Schuco Bi-fold door however, we do get installers saying how well the installation of these has undergone, and how well they work once fitted in place. It’s vary rare that we have to perform service calls on these bi-fold doors.