How to introduce more natural light into your home.

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Why do we need natural light? 

Natural light is good for you. It lifts your mood, makes you more productive and improves your health.

Sunlight works with your circadian rhythm, which is also known as your sleep/wake cycle.

Morning sun has a blue tone to wake you up and make you feel energised and alert for the day ahead.

Afternoon sun has a more red/orange tone that gradually turns into night. This helps your body to wind down, relax and prepare for sleep.

Your circadian rhythm is important for good health — particularly for regulating your appetite, blood pressure, brain function and immune system. 

Natural light in the home.

As humans, we have a natural attraction to sunlight and well-lit, airy spaces. But many of us have dark rooms in our homes that simply don’t get enough daylight.

It might be the room in your flat roof extension, where the windows are all at one end. Or the room where, for whatever reason, an extra window isn’t a viable option.

Fortunately, there are two excellent alternatives to extra windows that might work for you.

Install a rooflight.

Rooflights are ideal for introducing more daylight into your flat roof extension. They come in a choice of two styles, both of which are designed specifically for flat roofs.

Flat rooflights

A flat rooflight comprises a single, flat pane of glass.

Roof lanterns

A roof lantern has four pitched glass panels, which draw in light from different directions as the sun moves around.

Your rooflight, or roof lantern, can be made to a bespoke size that suits the specific needs of your property.

Combining your rooflight with a coordinated bi-fold door will make your room feel light, open and as though it has no boundaries.

Install a bi-fold door.

When you install a bi-fold door, you remove a wall, or part of a wall, in your room and replace it with a set of full length folding glass doors.

The doors not only maximise the amount of light entering your room, but create a spectacular view of your outside space.

When opened, they merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces, introducing both light and fresh air to your home.

Combining your bi-fold door with a coordinated rooflight will bring even more sunlight into your room.

Want to maximise the natural light in your home?

Midland Bi-folds has the products, skills and expertise to fill your room with beautiful, natural daylight.

To find out how we can help introduce more light into your property, please get in touch.


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