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So many choices, where’s best to start?

Below we have broken down the process for buying bi-folding doors. This will give you the ability to make informed decisions, so you can get your perfect bi-fold.

We currently sell 3 different makes of bi-folding doors, these are the Smarts Visofold 1000, the Origin Bi-fold and the Schuco bi-fold. Each one is slightly different in its design and have small differences and finishes. They all work in exactly the same way and are all very high quality products and choice comes down to personal preference.

Click on the images below to find out more about each of the bi-fold doors we sell.

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Regardless of which bi-fold door you choose, all of our bi-fold doors are bespoke and tailored to fit your requirements.

Where to start?

The first place to start is getting the exact size of the opening that your bi-fold doors are going to fit into. If you need any help with this, use our Measuring Guide to help you.


Now you have the size it’s time to decide how you would like your bi-fold door to open. This is called the door configuration. There are many options available and dependant on what size your opening is depends on the options available. You can have all of your doors sliding to one end, which if the number of doors you’re having is an odd number would give you a traffic door that is attached to the other doors. If you have an even number of doors you could split them to have a traffic door that stays to one side whilst all the other doors slide to the other end. If you’re having a large number of doors, you may want them to split in the middle. There are a vast number of options available. If this sounds too confusing, take a look at our quote tool and see which options are available for your sizes.

bi-fold door configurations options

Having A Cill?

We offer 3 different sizes dependent on your preference or you could decide not to have a cill. The option you choose normally depends on what you will be stepping out onto. Some people choose to not have a cill because they have a seamless threshold that continues from the inside of the house onto a decking or patio area that is at the same level. In these cases, there is usually a drainage gully that runs along the front of the bi-fold door to prevent any water from entering into the house. The majority of the bi-fold doors that we supply are raised and would normally step down onto the patio. In these cases a cill is usually fitted to the customers preference. The standard cill is 150mm and you’ll probably find that this will match the windows around your home.

More information on Cill and Threshold options.


So you have the main body of the bi-fold doors chosen, now is the time to start styling them to match your home. You can choose any colour when purchasing your bi-fold doors although not all colours take the same amount of time for us to manufacture. The systems we use for choosing colours is called the RAL colour chart and we have over 150 colours to choose from. The most common colours are White, Anthracite Grey (Ral 7016), Cream or Black and these have the shortest waiting time. If there is a colour that you would like, why don’t you take a look through the colour chart and let us know.

Popular Colour Options


You can now choose your hardware colours. We can provide handles in Chrome, Black, White or Silver Satin. The hinges and pull handles only come in black or white. If your architect or local building regulator has advised that you have trickle vents included in your bi-fold doors to increase airflow, these will be automatically matched to the colour that you choose for your hinges. In most cases, people tend to choose black hinges as they blend in with the finger safe gasket that runs around the doors. In the majority of cases trickle vents don’t need to be fitted but it is advised that if you are unsure, you seek advice regarding this issue. If you do find after ordering your doors that they are needed, if we haven’t already processed your order, we may be able to change your bi-fold doors to include them or, as most people do is, install them into another window within the same room. This is generally sufficient and much more cost effective than replacing your bi-fold doors.

That’s the whole process complete. Take a look through our quote tool and have a look at different options and styles and get some prices on a variety of bi-fold doors. We have upgraded the quote tool so you can now buy online. So once you have found the bi-fold doors you want, there is no no need to hesitate. You can buy now and a member of our team will contact you within 2 working days to process your order. This is to ensure all of the details are correct and you get the exact product you require.

Our team will take as much stress out of buying your bi-fold doors as they possibly can.

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