How the Smart Visoglide Plus has changed sliding patio doors for the better

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How the Smart Visoglide Plus has changed sliding patio doors for the better

Sliding Door

If you’ve ever encountered the old fashioned sliding patio doors, you may have been less than impressed.

Some had a tricky handle or a stiff sliding mechanism. Some had a narrow opening that was difficult to squeeze through. And most had a high threshold just waiting to trip you up.

Thankfully, those days are gone.

Introducing the Smart Visoglide Plus.

The Smart Visoglide Plus has redefined the traditional sliding patio door.

It unlocks with ease and slides like a dream.

The large glass panels create a wider opening and give you incredible, uninterrupted views of your outside area.

And the ultra-low threshold creates a near-flush transition between your indoor and outdoor areas to connect your living spaces beautifully.

Stunning contemporary styling.

With its classic design and strong, clean lines the door can make itself at home in a modern or traditional property.

And you can customise it to your heart’s content, with 150 colours and wood effects to choose from.

Keeping your energy bills down.

The Smart Visoglide Plus is made from premium quality aluminium, which is thermally broken for maximal energy efficiency. This means that insulation is placed inside the frame, between the aluminium sections, to stop heat escaping from your room.

With the insulation added, the glass panes are warm to the touch, even when it’s cold outside.

A cost-effective alternative to bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors have become a highly desirable home improvement — particularly over the last few years. And there wasn’t much to rival them, until now.

If bi-fold doors are out of your price range, the Smart Visoglide Plus is well worth considering.

As with a bi-fold, you can use the doors to create a whole wall of glass. Two triple sliding doors can give you a combined width of more than 12 metres.

Strong, secure and made to last.

The Smart Visoglide Plus offers a number of additional benefits, including:

  • The latest multipoint locking system to give you the best security
  • An upgraded runner mechanism that will keep your doors sliding easily for years to come
  • A 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind


If the idea of panoramic views and a combined indoor and outdoor living space appeals to you, Midland Bi-folds can make it a reality.

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