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New to our range the Atlas Flat Roof

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You can now bring more light into your home with the new Atlas Flat Roof system. Designed for placement in an extension or renovation, the Atlas Flat Roof arrives with high-end thermal performance, achieved while maximising light penetration.

If you envision a new room with a contemporary style that is lit by natural daylight or gives you a show of the night sky stars, then Midland Bi-folds has the solution for you.

Incredible aesthetics

The Flat Atlas Roof has an invisible frame that sits flush with the plastering of your ceiling. This means that all you can see from inside is your ceiling, giving the appearance that there is no glazing, pulling your view to the outside sky. The clear transparency of the glazing remains week-after-week, thanks to the self cleaning glass. Further options are available to ensure even lower maintenance.

Colours for the frame include matte black, matte grey, satin white, black on white and grey on white. This allows you to achieve the perfect roof-matching external finish, which may be seen from a second storey window, if you have one. You can now blend the unit seamlessly with the external colour of your roof or contrast against it.

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Market beating thermal performance

Beating the thermal performance of other flat roof systems, the Atlas Flat Roof has a uniquely structured internal core of PVCu that improves its own thermal properties. The double glazed unit has an overall U Value of 1.3 w/m2k, while alone, the double glazing has a U Value of 1.0 w/m2k.

Solar control glass options are available for those who want to improve the comfort of their home. Solar control glass allows sunlight to flood into your home extension, while reflecting away the unwanted heat from the sun.

Size and installation

The Atlas Flat Roof is offered in three sizes that all have a width of 1,000mm. You can then choose a length of 1,000mm, 1,500mm or 2,000mm, to allow in a little light or a lot. The choice is yours and there is an option for any sized space.

Installation is simple with a pitched kerb design that ensures rainwater flows quickly off the glazing and onto the roof. Contact Midland Bi-folds today to arrange to a quote for supply and installation.


Flat Rooflight Brochure     Atlas Flat Rooflight Technical

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