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14th April 2016

What is Secured By Design?

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Secured By Design, or SBD for short, is a national police crime prevention initiative that aims to reduce burglary, and other crimes, by using good and intuitive design.

It started back in 1989 and has worked with the design and construction sector of the windows and doors industry to increase the standards of security across all products. These additions to the design and construction have been designed in a way that there is no physical difference in the finished installed product and all improvements are designed to not affect the products use in any way. Essentially, they are designed to be invisible.

Properties that achieve the Secured By Design Award, are inspected to insure all areas meet the expected level of security by SBD. This is undertaken by specially trained police staff. There is a consistency in reductions of burglary (upto 75%), criminal damage and other associated anti-social behaviour year-on-year.


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