The Role of Glass in Energy Efficiency

Aluminium windows and doors to transform your winter
How Aluminium Windows and Doors Transform Your Winter Experience
21st December 2023

The Role of Glass in Energy Efficiency


In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability and energy savings, the significance of energy-efficient glass in construction cannot be overstated. Midland Bi-Folds offers cutting-edge glass solutions designed to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce energy bills. Midland Bi-Folds ensure optimal heat retention and minimal energy wastage with an extensive range of glass options, including argon-gas-filled units and innovative coatings. Whether double or triple-glazing, each product is engineered precisely to provide unparalleled U-values, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship. For more detailed insights, visit Midland Bi-Folds’ Glass Range.

The Basics of Glass and Energy Efficiency

Glass plays a pivotal role in energy efficiency within buildings by managing heat transfer and light penetration. Single glazing, the most basic form, offers minimal insulation, leading to higher energy consumption for heating and cooling. Double glazing, with two panes of glass separated by a gas-filled gap (usually argon), significantly reduces heat loss, improving energy efficiency. Triple glazing adds another layer, further enhancing insulation and energy conservation, making it ideal for extreme climates. Both double and triple glazing not only conserve energy but also contribute to a comfortable interior environment year-round.

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

Midland Bi-Folds offers double and triple glazing options, each designed to enhance building energy efficiency. Double glazing units, with a thermal U value of 1.2, significantly improve heat retention compared to single glazing. Triple glazing goes further, achieving an even lower U value of 1.0, offering superior insulation by reducing heat loss. This enhancement in thermal performance conserves energy and ensures a more comfortable living environment, particularly in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Advantages of Triple Glazing

Triple glazing offers enhanced thermal efficiency, superior sound insulation, and reduced condensation, making it an excellent choice for those prioritising comfort and energy savings. Its increased insulation properties result in a warmer and quieter indoor environment. However, the additional glass pane adds weight, requiring stronger support. Ideal applications include areas with harsh climates or where noise reduction is crucial. Consider these factors to determine if triple glazing meets your project’s needs.

Advantages of Double Glazing

Double glazing stands out for its cost-effectiveness and practicality, offering substantial energy savings and improved thermal insulation compared to single glazing. It’s particularly suitable for renovations where budget or structural limitations exist. In areas with milder climates or where the building framework cannot support the additional weight of triple glazing, double glazing provides a balanced solution, enhancing energy efficiency without extensive modifications.

Highlighting Midland Bi-Folds’ Specialised Products

Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

Midland Bi-Folds introduces the Smart Visoglide Plus as their latest offering in sliding patio doors. This product stands out for its sleek, contemporary design, which allows for maximum glass size. Therefore, they offer incredible views and flood the space with natural light. The Smart Visoglide Plus is celebrated for its robust engineering and superior thermal performance. Specifications include 38mm glass and a U-value of 1.6 W/m²K, using a sealed unit with a 1.0 W/m²K centre pane. It’s a versatile choice suitable for both residential and commercial settings. The door is designed for security, meeting the PAS 24 standard with its advanced multi-point locking system.

Furthermore, it comes with an upgraded runner system ensuring smooth operation for years, along with a variety of colours and styling options to tailor the doors to your aesthetic preferences. This product is a testament to the blend of beauty, functionality, and adaptability, providing a significant improvement over traditional sliding doors by offering wider openings, better thermal insulation, and a near-flush transition between indoor and outdoor spaces

Schuco Bi-Folds

The Schuco Bi-Fold doors, combining German design and engineering with English build quality, are renowned for their durability and sleek appearance, making them an industry favourite, especially for high-traffic areas like commercial spaces. Their unique features include some of the slimmest sightlines available.  They offer expansive views with minimal obstruction and can support large, heavy panes up to 3m tall without modification. Equipped with a six-point locking system for enhanced security, these bi-fold doors represent a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and safety. It makes them suitable for a wide range of settings from residential to commercial.

Smart Visofold 1000 

The Smarts Visofold 1000 bi-fold door from Midland Bi-Folds is celebrated for its exceptional value, combining a straightforward design with excellent build quality. It has become a firm favourite, especially among trade customers, due to its affordability. However, it does not compromise high-end features like multi-point locking systems and high-grade powder coating. Originally designed for commercial use, its versatility makes it equally suitable for residential settings, allowing for the transformation of spaces with its functionality and style.

Smarts Visofold 6000 

The Smarts Visofold 6000, a premium addition to Midland Bi-Folds’ range, offers exceptional flexibility and performance for large projects with various opening options. Launched in 2017, it stands out for its slimline profile, enhanced hardware, and security features. The door’s slim sightlines, at 94mm, rank among the industry’s slimmest, providing an elegant, contemporary look. Thanks to its polyamide thermal break, it also boasts advanced thermal performance, ensuring efficient energy use.

Midland Bi-Folds

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