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30th May 2023
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Top Trends in Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors
2nd October 2023

Introducing the next wave of Smart front doors.

Crafted for contemporary living, our exquisite collection of aluminium front doors merges sophistication with durability.

Elevate your home’s entry with Smarts Signature Doors. It is tailored for diverse architectural styles. We have everything from ultra-modern to classic traditional. So, there is a Signature door for every home.

Buying Smarts Signature Doors

Our Signature Door series is the culmination of diligent research and thoughtful design. After analysing a spectrum of entrance doors and identifying their pros and cons, we present our next-gen, UK-produced aluminium composite entrance door. This door encompasses all desired features, eliminating the typical limitations seen in other materials.

Therefore, when compared to other options, our Smart Signature Door lineup offers:

Stunning visual appeal – graceful designs with a radiant paint finish, harmoniously paired on both the door and frame.
Top-notch security – our doors surpass established industry benchmarks.
Enhanced weather resistance – dual rebated weather seals for added protection.
Efficient insulation – Our doors ensure a cosy interior while reducing energy costs.
Longevity and excellent value – rest assured your door won’t warp or lose its hue, maintaining its initial allure.
Minimal upkeep required – a quick clean preserves its impeccable appearance.

Customisable Front Doors

Whether you’re drawn to contemporary, timeless, or iconic entrance designs, our assortment caters to all preferences. Moreover, our latest series of back doors enhances your choices. With an extensive palette of colours, embellishments, and glazing patterns, customising the perfect facade for your home or apartment becomes effortless. Beyond aesthetics, every Smart Signature Door guarantees unparalleled safety, remarkable durability, and great value.

Looking to upgrade the doors inside your home? Check out our Heritage Internal Doors.

Why Buy Smarts Signature Doors

Aluminium stands out not only for its visual appeal but also for its dependable functionality. It seamlessly merges elegance, security, resilience, and easy upkeep.
Discover why Aluminium should be your top pick for a new entrance.

Why compromise?
Our doors are meticulously crafted to ensure your tranquillity.
Security at its best
Our Signature Doors are architected to offer unparalleled protection, safeguarding your loved ones and abode.
Minimal upkeep required
A monthly gentle cleanse using plain water and mild soap effectively keeps grime at bay.
Exceptional resilience against UV rays
Thanks to our superior powder coating technique, your door’s brilliance remains undiminished over time, eliminating concerns of fading, oxidation, or repainting.
Robust and long-lasting
Our powder-coated finish ensures heightened resistance against dents, marks, and abrasions, outperforming traditional painted doors.

Smarts Aluminium Front Doors Options – Signature Range

Our latest Signature Door collection offers designs tailored to complement every home aesthetic. Be it modern sophistication or ageless grace. Our diverse styles promise to uplift any property’s facade while ensuring utmost security. Whether in the market for a front or back door, classic or contemporary, a Signature Door is waiting to match your taste.

  • Carnaby – a modern classic with elegance and style so it allows light to flow through the window
  • Lansdown – three glazed panels add a new touch of style
  • Millbrook – a timeless classic with understated elegance
  • Broadfield – the perfect country cottage look
  • Woodchester – a fabulous back door that complements our range of front doors

Smart Front Doors – Built to Last

When you buy Smarts Signature doors, you get complete peace of mind. An all-encompassing set of warranties encompass everything from your door’s paint finish and structure to its fittings and window panes. So, you can be assured of a quality front door.

  • Powder Coating: Rest assured, the powder coating will retain its shine for 25 years.
  • Manufacture: Every Designer Door comes with a solid 10-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Glazing: All the doors with glass features are backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • Hardware: All fittings on your new door are protected with a 1-year warranty.

Signature Front Doors – Superior Security


Our cylinders are fortified with hardened steel anti-drill pins on both sides. Every movable pin is made of nickel-plated hardened steel, therefore it’s incredibly secure.

Our lock design is crafted to be virtually unpickable, making them highly secure.

A designated ‘sacrificial’ segment ensures that the internal mechanism remains inaccessible to intruders even if the lock is broken.

Key Variations:
We offer a vast array of over 80,000 distinct vital combinations.

Intruders cannot manipulate the pins above the shear line, preventing unauthorised access.

3-Star Certification:
Our cylinder locks boast a 3-star rating, signifying they’ve met every standard of the TS007 British Kitemark.

Central Latch & Deadbolt:
Our locks come with a spring-loaded centre latch for a responsive feel and a deadbolt for optimal resistance against break-ins.

Dual Deadbolts:
For superior security, our design includes a hook bolt complemented by dual circular bolts, ensuring the utmost defence against forceful entries.

Order Your New Smart Aluminium Front Door

At Midlands Bi-Folds, we believe in merging aesthetics with unmatched security. Our doors not only elevate the visual appeal of your home but also stand as a testament to modern engineering and safety standards. Experience the confluence of design, durability, and state-of-the-art security with our range. Don’t just settle for a door; choose a gateway that speaks volumes about your taste and concerns for safety. Contact us today to get started.

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