What you need to consider before installing a bi-fold door

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What you need to consider before installing a bi-fold door

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A bi-fold door is a fantastic way to bring more natural light into your room and connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

But if you’re planning to install one, there are some things you’ll need to bear in mind.

In this article, we’ll go through some of those considerations, so you can make sure you’re prepared.

Is your room suitable?

The bi-fold usually replaces all, or part, of one wall. 

You’ll need to make sure the area either side of the wall is clear, with no fixed furniture or architectural features that could cause an obstruction.

Ideally, the doors should be facing an attractive garden and open out onto a patio. This will give you a beautiful view when the doors are closed and a connected indoor and outdoor space when they’re open.

What kind of threshold do you want?

There are different threshold options available. The one that’s suitable for you will depend on the result you’re trying to achieve.

For example, you might want to create a level floor, where the inside is flush with the outside. For this, you would need a low threshold that sinks down between the two.

However, a low threshold is more suited to gardens that are sheltered from the elements and isn’t always advisable.

What door configuration do you want?

Most wall openings can accommodate a variety of door configurations, depending on the size of each panel and how you want them to open.

For example, you could have all the doors folding to either the right or left-hand side of the opening. Or you could split them so that some fold to the right and some fold to the left.

You may also decide you want a single access door. An access door is a single panel with its own handle, that opens independently of the others. It means you can access your garden by opening one door rather than having to open all of them.

Do you want the doors to open inwards or outwards?

When folded back, the doors can sit either inside or outside your room. 

Outside is often the preferred option as you don’t have to make allowances in your room  or rearrange your furniture. However, this might not be possible if there isn’t enough room outside.

Still unsure?

If you’re still weighing up your options and need some professional advice, please call our friendly team on 0116 266 5088.

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