Conditions of Sale


The type of individual panes of double glazing and their arrangement shall in the absence of any special arrangement detailed in the contract be determined by Leicester Window Supplies Ltd. Glass used by the company in its double-glazing units shall be of a thickness and weight determined by the Leicester Window Supplies Ltd technical surveyors. Leicester Window Supplies Ltd excludes liability for the optical effect attributable to natural phenomena.

Only glass from suppliers of the highest reputation will be used but no guarantee is given that any glass so used is perfect and the company excludes liability for optical effects attributable to natural phenomena. Leicester Window Supplies Ltd frames and double glazed sealed units are guaranteed for ten years for all material and labour used excepting misuse of the product. Hardwood internal cills cannot be guaranteed.

Although time is not the essence of this contract the work will be commenced as soon as possible but liability cannot be accepted for any delay due to circumstances beyond Leicester Window Supplies Ltd control.

All the terms of the contract between Leicester Window Supplies Ltd and the customer are contained in the order contract and in these terms and conditions and no oral or written arrangements between the customer and any agent or representative of the company not contained in the contract shall be in any way binding upon Leicester Window Supplies Ltd.

No guarantee is given that the installation of Leicester Window Supplies Ltd double glazing units will eliminate or reduce any condensation existing on the premises or that any double glazing units installed by Leicester Window Supplies Ltd will be free from condensation except where found between two panes of glass.

The customer will give access to the premises to Leicester Window Supplies Ltd, its workmen at all reasonable times so that Leicester Window Supplies Ltd may complete the installation in accordance with this contract.

Any alterations to pelmets, telephone cables, T.V. cable aerials, electric cables, alarms etc, or blinds found necessary to fit replacement window frames is the responsibility of the customer.

Any plaster rend or redecorating work is not included with the order.

Leicester Window Supplies Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any glass breakage after installation.

Our representative is authorised to accept a cheque, cash, debit or credit card payments. with this order. Payment of the due balance must be paid to our installer upon completion of the contract. All cheques are to be made payable to Leicester Window Supplies Ltd.

Credit card payments incur a 2% card handling fee.

Leicester Window Supplies Ltd reserves the right to add interest at 2% and charge such interest on a daily basis to any overdue accounts.

This contract is binding on both parties and is not subject to cancellation except upon surveyors report.

Any overdue account may invalidate the guarantee. Minor remedial work will not be regarded as reason for withholding settlement of the account.

All debris will be removed from site.

It is impossible to ascertain from a survey whether the brickwork or any area of the tile or plaster or rendering is likely to collapse when the work involves the removal of existing frames and timbers. Leicester Window Supplies Ltd will use the utmost care to prevent the collapse of any structural works, but should this occur the purchaser will be liable for all cost of labour and materials necessary to repair resulting damages.

We reserve title on all goods supplied until payment has been paid in full.

Any legal costs incurred in the collection of a dept will be charged to the customer.

VAT will be charged at the current rate.

The customer may cancel the order without penalty during the cooling off period which shall run for fourteen days from midnight on the day on which the order was signed by the customer
(not including Sundays or bank holidays) where contracts are negotiated away from business premises and by an unsolicited visit. Any cancellations must be given by written notice by either party, this excludes bespoke and made to measure products showed within the order as these are excluded from a consumers rights to cancel.

This Contract does not in any way affect your statutory rights.