5 reasons to choose aluminium sliding doors for your home

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5 reasons to choose aluminium sliding doors for your home

aluminium sliding doors

In case you are thinking of renovating or building a new property, it might be worth considering to install aluminium sliding doors. In this blog, we will share with you our top five reasons why you should do so. 

What are aluminium sliding doors?

Installing aluminium sliding patio doors refers to a standard door fitted to runners, and it can move on a fixed track to ensure smooth operation. They consist of two-door leaves that can be opened by sliding the door leaf back and forth. 

These doors have a clean and streamlined design, and their maximal glass size allows you to see excellent views of the outside world. They are different from traditional swing doors, as sliding doors don’t take as much space for the door to open. Compared to folding doors, sliding doors can have a slight limitation in giving a smaller entranceway, as only one of the door leaves can be moved at a time. 

If you are interested in finding out more about their specifications, look at our sliding doors tech specs. Aluminium sliding doors have gained popularity due to their unique characteristics, so let’s find out what exactly are those. 

1. Maximised space

When considering if you should buy aluminium sliding doors, you can start by thinking about your home space’s limitation. Aluminium sliding doors are a simple and yet fashionable piece of furniture ideal for space maximisation. 

Installing an aluminium sliding door is a very flexible process, and it doesn’t take too much valuable space. It has a simple push-and-pull mechanism, so two areas can be separated or jointed at any time, considering their usage to maximise your space in the house. When it comes to their design, aluminium sliding doors are commonly used for bathroom doors and kitchen doors. You can have a look at our aluminium sliding doors gallery to see it for yourself!

2. High durability and low maintenance

The materials used in manufacturing sliding doors range from traditional wood to glass, and aluminium. Make sure you will choose the right material for your sliding doors, as low-quality materials can lead to many problems such as broken rollers, a worn track with screeching sounds, and a lot of faulty locking mechanism issues. 

With this in mind, try to invest in a high-quality aluminium sliding door so you can avoid all these troubles. Aluminium is the material of choice when choosing a sliding door that can enhance your property. This is because aluminium is a lot more durable, whilst it requires less maintenance than the other material choices such as glass and wood. 

Aluminium sliding doors won’t be affected by rust, fading or rotting either, making them highly useful to face many natural environments, whilst still providing excellent performance for long periods. 

3. Increased natural light

Aluminium sliding glass patio doors have many advantages in allowing an increased amount of natural light into a home. 

These doors can be easily installed on your balcony to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the outdoor scenery. Having large glass on your doors will maximise the permeability of sunlight all-year-round, whilst creating an entirely transparent and bright interior in any living area. Now that’s a significant upgrade to your home, right?

At Midland Bi-folds, our sliding doors represent a versatile solution to your home, and they come with the ability to offer you and your family uninterrupted views of nature. Its large opening ability is ideal for connecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces or allowing easy movement of goods. 

4. Enhanced aesthetics 

Aluminium sliding doors extensions have a contemporary design equally at home in a residential or commercial setting. They are also very stylish and practical space savers. 

Homeowners can choose between options such as fully floating or a combination of floating, folding or hinged entry when installing aluminium sliding doors. The best news is that all these designs already incorporate a universal overhead track and carriage system that allows a selection of high panels. With us, you can also customise your sliding doors to fit with your overall home aesthetics by choosing from a wide range of 150 colours and wood effects, including oak and rosewood. Alternatively, homeowners can vary the outdoor and indoor colours to complement their interior and exterior schemes effortlessly. 

5. Improved security and sustainability 

Aluminium sliding doors can offer enhanced security to your property whilst you are away. For yours and your family’s peace of mind, our sliding door’s security is tested, and it fully conforms to the PAS 24 standard. 

Our aluminium sliding doors are one of the most secure sliding patio doors that you can find on today’s market. This is because they incorporate the latest multi-point locking system to keep your home safe and secure at all times. 

If you have more questions about how aluminium sliding doors could enhance your property and overall lifestyle, our team of experts can help you with their best answers and advice to suit your exact requirements. Contact us today, or simply request a FREE quote, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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